Ascension Symptoms April 2017

There seems to be an influx of people noticing their symptoms of ascension this month and particularly the last 7 days has been challenging for us all. For those of you who cannot surrender and let go to this flow of energy I have gone through how I am dealing with some of these symptoms in hope it can help you too.

Sleep disruption – I have not slept longer than 3 hours for what feels like a very long time. I find it is best to not fight it, just rest when you can and take extra care of your nervous system during the day. Deep sleep meditations with binaural beats and hypnotherapy can do wonders for helping you fall asleep. You can search yourself by simply searching “deep sleep meditation” into youtube otherwise I like to use the below for example.


Vivid dreaming – When I do get to sleep I find my dreams are quite wild. I like to recall my dreams by writing them down as soon as I wake with a piece of paper and a pen I’ve already placed by my side. Write as much as you can, any keywords, no matter how messy or silly just write everything you remember. It will trigger your memory in the morning. Once I can recall my dreams I will try and decipher the symbology and research dream interpretations. Try to remember where you felt the most emotion during the dream and that’s usually the topic you will search in a dream dictionary or interpretation site. I like to use but there are many more you can choose from depending on what resonates with you.

Tinnitus/Ear pressure – Try to recognise what your were saying/thinking/doing prior to hearing the ringing. It usually means you are going in the right direction with that particular thought. If you can go the step further and really tune into it and notice any symbols/images/feelings that come to your minds eye. Keep practicing it’s a new language we all need to learn.

Negative Inner-Self – Catch yourself as soon as negative thoughts are presented to you. Stop, replace it silence or a loving/creative thought and move on. Eventually you will develop a routine and these loving thoughts will automatically replace negativity.  If you feel like you are a victim of psychic attack, trust your intuition and protect yourself. You do not need to accept when others are not responsible with their projections. I always wear opal around my neck but you can use any stone you wish. Stones that I have found in strengthening the aura during this time is Blue Kyanite, Labradorite & Lapis Lazuli.

Overthinking – Similar to the above but if you find yourself spiraling out of control try and recognise any patterns going on there. Are the same things being presented over and over for a reason? Are you being completely honest with yourself? Are you living one timeline in your head and another in reality? Ask yourself now what do you really want out of life? Any thought that does not positively contribute to your answer is not worth occupying your headspace any longer!

Waves of Fear & Anxiety – I feel this is a collective as well as personal. I will admit my anxiety has been uncontrollable the past few days. I have found the combination of wearing Kyanite, yoga, hiking into the forest and connecting with Mother Gaia through the ground & trees, binaural beats, organic sleepy tea, strict plant-based vegan diet, spring water only (NO FLUORIDE – Please do not drink tap water) daily meditation and honoring ascension process so I can surrender to the flow is really getting me through the day. For anyone interested in doing yoga bit can’t afford to or are an introvert and like to skip the classes, I have been doing the Revolution: 31 days of Yoga online here:

Easily Frustrated – I tend to find the things that frustrate us about others, are self-frustrations. See if you can learn from this. Are you mirroring your faults and projecting your frustrations onto someone else? Forgive yourself and others. If it’s accompanied by mood swings and fatigue you could be tuning into someone else energy. Stop, let it go. It’s gone now.

Loss of Appetite – Spend as much time outside as you possibly can. Fresh air, the sun and negative ions will increase your energy immensely. Eat when you are hungry no matter what time of the day it is. Although it is tempting to consume caffeine my best advice is to avoid it altogether. It has not ended well for me or my nervous system.

Breathe deeply. Keep healing yourself and others. We are all experiencing this one way or another. Be kind and lets come together in strength and unity.

SAGE Conscious Healing


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